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Ed is having problems when he has an erection due to the tight skin around his penis. The saggy situation is affecting his sex life because he has a large flap of skin and fat covering his penis. Ian sees Dr Pixie about some side effects he has suffered after slimming down. In this first episode the team takes to the streets of Cardiff, with the help of dentist extraordinaire James Russell, rounding up ailments left, right and centre but first Dr Christian has a visit at the clinic from ambulance technician Keith. 2008. Dr James examination reveals that Richards teeth are worn down as a result of Bruxism, an involuntary grinding of the teeth. Lindsay has developed a keloid scar, possibly from a pimple or bug bite, and Dr Pixie recommends steroid injections followed with laser treatment to help flatten out the surface of the scar. I think people liked it because it was brave and honest. Pixie recommends make-up to start with, before considering lazer treatment in the future. The nation's favourite doctors return to the Costa del Sol to tackle more embarrassing beach body problems, and waiting to see them in the mobile clinic is David, who is worried about a large lump on his testicle. By Jess Sheldon 17:36, Sun, Apr 29, 2018 | UPDATED: 17:36, Sun . Following treatment Nathans acne: has improved dramatically, ensuring that he can hopefully avoid the painful physical and emotional scarring that it can cause, something that another of Dawns patient, Haileigh, knows about only too well. Simply knowing the cause of the problem has given him the understanding he needed to rectify his troublesome rectum. Reconstruction of the square and the longitudinal arch by uplifting; using the existing ligament structure Josh first came to the clinic suffering from night terrors. Dr Dawn helps a man who just can't hold on to his leaking bowels. The best option to ease the discomfort caused by her gigantic 30JJ bust is breast reduction and Dr Pixie refers Cherie to a specialist surgeon to get the procedure done. Watch Embarrassing Bodies. 49 year old Julie comes to see Dr Dawn. Also, Dr Dawn reminds viewers of the life-saving importance of women stripping off regularly to check their breast for lumps - even going so far as to demonstrate a mammogram herself. He makes three different examinations of her bowel to see what the cause could be. Dr Jessen subsequently books him in for a breast operation, which will hopefully give him a body to be proud of. Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies is the most provocative medical series on British TV. The diagnosis is not so simple for another lady whos come to the clinic with a resumption of her periods, four years after she had finished the menopause. After 4 and half hours Janes operation is declared a success and she returns to Dr Dawn to discuss the results. With its revolutionary approach to multiplatform, the brand spans websites, apps, games, health tools, citizen science, live Skype consultations and more. We used Skype to diagnose patients, which at the time was quite revolutionary. Well, prepare not to, because the Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic finale is on Channel 4 tonight. Dr Pixie sees a young woman called Emma who is suffering from a hernia and excess skin after two pregnancies. In July 2014, the seventh series of Embarrassing Bodies began airing. Back at the clinic, 44-year-old Stuart thinks that his holiday is responsible for the constant burning at the end of his penis. Dawn talks to a family of two sisters and a cousin who carry the BRCA 1 breast cancer gene. Dr Christian soon diagnoses Peyronies disease. Keith meets consultant urological surgeon Mr. Paul Anderson to discuss options. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Dr Jane Leonard is the GP and cosmetic doctor, who you may have seen on Channel 4's flagship Embarrassing Bodies series in 2022. The doctors continue to tackle the nation's embarrassing body problems as the portable clinic sets up camp at the Sundown festival in Norfolk. The doctors are back in the clinic to check-up on some of the most interesting cases that theyve encountered over the past 2 years. Embarrassing Bodies returns on E4 from Thursday, 19 May at 9PM. The doctors catch up with some of the people who have come to the clinic looking for post-op help. And Dr Dawn arranges a photo-shoot for three gorgeous, heavily pregnant women to explore the medical myths and reality of having a baby. Fortunately, Dr Harper is on hand to give some advice on how to keep it clean, before she heads out to a local pub to quiz the locals on how much they know about their health with predictably poor results The EB bus heads to Southend, where Dr Priya has a patient with case of cold feet, medically known as Chilblains. 9 million - didn't have a checking or savings account with a bank or credit union in 2021, a record low, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance. De-rotating the big toe to a normal position of the nail showing upright again 4. Theres also a case of a birthmark on the tongue, and an instance of melasma that has lead to an overgrowth of pigment on the patients face. And we certainly didnt hold back on what we showed. Debbies vagina was so badly torn during the birth, that the muscles around her bladder and rectum were causing her to leak urine and faeces. To celebrate Lucy really let her hair down! The doctors revisit Maria, a young woman with a hairy face and body, and Ed, who previously needed help to uncover his buried penis. Dr Pixie catches up with a man reeling from the results of surgery on his bottom. After an examination Dr Pixie sends her to a colorectal specialist for some tests to find out the cause. Russell is told that there are probably only around 30 people in the world who have had this problem. Embarrassing Bodies focuses on de-stigmatising common complaints including skin tags on bottoms or excess skin around the privates. Among the many men and women featured, there's the student rugby player who memorably ripped an intimate piercing, and needed reconstructive surgery on his penis, and the woman who wanted help reducing the size of her particularly large breasts. And Dr Christian meets a patient who wants to have a realistic nipple after losing hers to breast cancer surgery. If you want to find an NHS Dentist in your area then use the NHS Service Finder In the meantime, David is told to take steroids to help contain the symptoms and has been referred to a surgeon to see what can be done about the damaged skin. The Embarrassing Bodies team put down the text books and let teen mums tell their stories which includes excessive farting, piles and contraception. However the episode Embarrassing Teenage Bodies: Below the Belt has left me angry and upset, and done untold damage to countless young viewers. The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions, Dr Anand meets a patient whose years of sun-worshipping and skin cancer left her face two different shades, Dr Jane treats a mum with leg pain, and Dr Tosin helps a man with a severe skin condition, Three new GPs - Dr Jane, Dr Tosin and Dr Anand - throw open the clinic doors to welcome patients who reveal their medical problems, Skin Cancer, Leg Pain, Skin Condition: The doctors help patients with skin cancer, leg pain and a severe skin condition, Skin Condition, Sore Intimacy, Multiple Lumps: The doctors help a man with a skin condition and a woman who finds intimacy impossible, Skin Condition, Protruding Problem and Feeling Demoralised: The doctors treat a woman with a severe skin condition and a man with a protruding problem, Misshapen Breast Implants, Excess Sweating, Teeth Infections: The doctors treat patients with misshapen implants, excess sweating and teeth infections, Chest Impairment, Skin Condition and Painful Wind: The doctors treat patients with a chest impairment, skin condition and painful wind. Dr Pixie meets a lad badly bitten by the festival bug, a man with piles and a lady with chronic discharge down below. This week the Embarrassing Bodies team are taking their services north, to the seaside town of Scarborough. Theres only one course of action for a problem like this: cut the ducts, releasing the nipple. The treatment is a success 8 months on and Dean is seeing real results. Next up is Lindsay who has had a scar on her chest since she was 7 years old. Maria suffers from Symmastia, a frequently congenital condition in which both breasts connect at the centre of the chest, though the condition can develop due to surgery as well. Dr Dawn meets woman who was left with terrible tummy scars. Dr James makes Sasha a dental guard as well, to push her jaw forward and create even more breathing space during sleep. Keith arrives in the clinic with a rather sensitive penis complaint that hes keen to sort out. He is then referred to a dietician for advice on improving his situation by changing what he eats. Sasha is a 24 year old whos been suffering from lack of sleep because of her excessively loud snoring. Christian swallowed a pill camera so you could see a digestive system. Visiting the clinic next is Stacy, who has a problem with piles. And Dr Dawn and Dr Pixie show how to self check for breast cancer and which lumps to worry about and what to get checked out. The team revisits memorable cases, including a man leaking milk. Pixie meets a young girl with an extreme case bad breath caused by swollen tonsils. Dr Pixie suspects she is suffering from painful cystic acne, and sends her to a specialist for treatment with antibiotics and lazer resurfacing. Doctors on the new series will be Dr Jane Leonard, Dr Anand Patel and Dr Tosin Ajayi -Sotubo. Dr Christian deals with a young woman suffering from incontinence. With his symptoms worsening, Barry comes along to the clinic to see Dr Jessen about the options open to him, including surgical removal, which carries with it the risks of incontinence and impotence. Dr Christian recommended that Charlottes immune system be checked out, and the results of these tests were to change Charlotte, and her families, lives for ever. myinspirations/ClubFails .numinose . Christian meets Dawn, a transitioning male to female transsexual and helps her with reconstructing her body from top to toe. Rachel suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it is this that is causing her excessive hair growth. Keith meets consultant urological surgeon Mr. Paul Anderson to discuss options. E4 share of . It should be noted that there was no prize to be won in this one-off doc from 2016, and most of it revolved around the participants getting into many a sticky situation, mainly involving public nudity. Fortunately Martins therapy has been a success, and he. Dr Pixie is concerned enough to send her for further tests, as this a potential. Pictures: Different Methods of Contraception; Picture Galleries Menu Toggle. Our Acne treatment course was also used in these episodes. The first patient this week is a woman who has lost 55kg but has been left with baggy excess skin. loveelizabethany . I get what the show was trying to do, but watching a naked person sleep in their empty bathtub is a bit dire. Then theres Maria, a nurse from Kent, who had a heart operation 14 years ago that has left her with a large, hard scar between her breasts. Were then reacquainted with 45-year-old Alyson from Mondays programme, whos all in a flap when it comes to exposing herself to her new partner. The first case features a man with a large cyst full of fluid on one of his testicles. Surgery was successful so Kirstie returned to the clinic to show Dr Dawn the vast improvement. In this special episode of Embarrassing Bodies, Dr Christian follows the case of Charlotte Wilson who first came to see him in the clinic at the beginning of 2009. If we thought something was inappropriate, or a patient was particularly vulnerable, we wouldnt use them. With his relationship on the rocks he underwent treatment at a sleep clinic, hoping it could put an end to his troubles. Next through the clinic doors is Alan, who has been battling with erectile dysfunction for nearly 10 years. Tests reveal that damage to nerves is causing a condition called retrograde ejaculation, where the semen is entering his bladder instead of leaving through the end of the penis. And Dr James the dentist sees a 32-year-old woman whose thumb sucking habit is affecting both her teeth and her boyfriend's genitals. They also try to help a patient with warts on his bottom caused by the human papilloma virus. And Dr Christian advises some bold BMX bikers how best to keep your semen in tip-top health. The TV programme, hosted by Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Dawn Harper, offers live consultations via Skype to viewers concerned about a health issue. All about the new series! Back at the airport, Brendan has a spotty abdomen caused by folliculitis/conditions/folliculitis/ whilst a returning passenger has been bitten by bed bugs on his ho, This weeks episode starts with a visit to the clinic for former RAF airman Richard, whose case of gynaecomastia has left him with no body confidence and feeling repulsed when he looks in the mirror. Then theres 42-year-old Debbie, whos come to see the Doctors after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy. Dr Dawn thinks that further investigation is needed, and a scope is passed down Deans throat and up his bottom to check for any problems, followed by an ultrasound scan which brings up a possible anal fistula, which may be the cause of Deans problems. Back in the UK, Dr Christian meets an extremely brave man who reveals the extraordinary extent of living with half his face missing. Realising the severity of this particular case Dr Christian sees surgery as the only option, and refers Keith on to a neurological surgeon who he hopes can straighten things out. 3. Nine months after they first met, the team catch up with the woman who had two large cysts on her head. Sandras inverted nipple was taking over her life, so she came to see Dr Pixie. Dr Pixie meets a woman with a pair of testicle-like cysts on her head. What if you could catch obesity as easily as you catch a common cold? Channel 4 Almost every condition under the. Dr James meets Thomas, whose mouthful of manky molars has left him with a smile that would worry a 70-year-old, but hes only 20! Commissioning Editor Clemency Green,. Where was HR?! Dr Christia, This weeks episode starts with a visit to the clinic for Natalie, a 31-year-old woman who has had to endure taunts from children about the boils and cysts that she has suffered since childhood. Among the cases revisited this time are a man with severe anal abscesses, a teenager struggling with a diabetes diagnosis and a lad with an overeating condition. Inverted nipples can in some cases secrete mucus and other nasties, leading to bad smells. Often afflicting the fair-skinned, theres no cure for the condition, but Dr McKenna should be able to treat it effectively. First into Costa del Sols Clinic is Russell whose huge hernia stops him from enjoying the summer sun. After 20-years of back pain and misery from carrying around a whopping 5 kilos on her chest, she is desperate to see if Dr Harper can reduce her burden by referring her for breast reduction surgery. First through the clinic doors is Derek who is suffering from a condition that is very common in women, but is much less understood in men. With 1 in 4 men over the age of 60 suffering in this way, Dr Jessen heads out to talk to pathologist Dr Jarmulowicz about how it affects men, and why so few know about it. First in to see Dr Dawn was Summer who was being plagued by a thick build up of ear wax. Under local anaesthetic, the surgeon pulled the nipple out of the breast and then severed the milk ducts, removing scar tissue at the same time. See Embarrassing Bodies patients before and after photos here. Dr Tosin helps a man with a dentist phobia. Dr Dawn hits the beaches of Thailand to discover how a tropical skin complaint can turn into a holiday horror story. The mobile clinic seeks out Britain's biggest thrill seekers at Thorpe Park. The doctors bring their portable pods to the Love Luton festival, where some mysterious cases crop up. First up is a visit from fifty year old Jackie, who was suffering from one of the commonest problems seen by GPs urinary incontinence. Dr Pixie suggests that the swelling is a possible sign of an allergic reaction. Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies is making a grand return to the screen and producers are looking for new patients to treat. Dr Dawn meets a man whose testicles are in a twist. We had a really high-level duty of care. Embarrassing Bodies, the show that involved people being so ashamed about their various ailments that they decided to bare all on national TV. Christian helps 37-year-old Adam, who's been suffering with a rare penis problem for ten years and is in danger of losing both the ability to urinate and have sex. The Embarrassing Bodies team have been trucking around the nation, in Cambridge they met 18 year old Lucy who was suffering from alopecia, or hair loss. First patient Joanne, an air-hostess, feels that her psoriasis is alienating her passengers. As many as 1 in 10 women suffers from an inverted nipple. Dr Jessen also gets to grips with a case of gynecomastia (man-boobs to most of us), when we catch up with 33-year-old Abdul from Tuesdays programme, whos looking to put 17 years of discomfort behind him. Pixie referred Sandra to a specialist for further advice on this all-too-common problem. As Vickys case is fairly mild, Dr Christian recommends treatment with antibiotics, the contraceptive pill, or acne treatments as opposed to more invasive surgery. Meet Dr Tosin . She required a major intervention and for two years Patience battled for control of her body, She endured Britain's most extreme weight-loss treatment, hoping it would save her life. On it, you'll see close-ups of breasts, testicles, vulvae, and most other body parts in Grey's Anatomy that are suitable for self-examination. And the Living With series meets the inspirational former England rugby player, Matt Hampson, who, following a rough scrum, suffered a spinal injury that's left him paralysed from the neck down. There is also a visit from Allison, a newlywed from Lancashire who, This weeks episode starts with Rachel Smith who has become increasingly hairy in the past few years, especially in her nether regions. The doctors talk to 26 year-old Jerusha, who suffers from chronic pain in her vagina, 24 year-old Duane, who learnsthat the copious tags on his penis are caused from excessive friction on the area and 36 year-old Adele who has suffered with dizziness for two years. And now, two years on, she feels ready to try reconstructive surgery again. Dr Dawn is in the Costa del Sol to see a man with a massive hernia. After a two-hour procedure Keiths penis is corrected, with Dr Christian recommending that he waits a few months before seeking further treatment for his excess foreskin. The show was all about dispelling myths. Embarrassing Bodies (TV Series 2008- ) photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more. Luckily Christian is able to freeze the warts off in the surgery, and with some home treatments she should be able to keep them under control herself. It felt groundbreaking. The doctors also caught up with 72-year-old Bryan, who had been suffering for over 10 years with a painful problem with his penis, a direct result of a circumcision that hadnt gone to plan. The doctors visit the holiday hot spot of Magaluf, where sex goes, booze flows and the sunburn shows. On her return to the clinic she tells Dr Pixie the new medication has got everything moving again. Jessicas inflamed gums have created pockets that help to house bacteria and plaque, a visit to the dental hygienist helps to clear up the blockage and reduce her bad breath. While this explains the smelly discharge from Russells leg, he is referred to an immunologist to try and establish the cause of the problem. However, weighing a massive 36 stones, any surgery would have put her life at risk. Patience needed major intervention but, as for the 1000 people who die each week from obesity-related conditions, had it come too late for her? Menu Movies Release CalendarTop 250 MoviesMost Popular MoviesBrowse Movies by GenreTop Box OfficeShowtimes & TicketsMovie NewsIndia Movie Spotlight TV Shows Scientist Dr James Logan returns to investigate the healing power of leeches, allowing his own blood to be sucked in the name of research, while Dr Christian comes up trumps in his quest to educate festival goers on all things flatulent. Dr Christian identifies the cause of this as the scarring Ed has from his previous tummy tuck which has caused the skin to tighten. This is exactly what happened to Dr Christian Jessen, who you may remember from hit Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies, when he was quietly suffering from muscle dysmorphia in the 2010s. Dr Christian sends a swab sample for analysis to reveal the bacteria infecting David, in order to prescribe the appropriate antibiotics. The team are in Tamworth this week , where Pixie attempts to help a man whose bottom wound hasn't healed in six years. In the first of four special programmes, the three straight-talking doctors Christian Jessen, Dawn Harper and Pixie McKenna begin their tour of Britain in the city of Leeds, with a PR offensive that Victoria Beckham would be proud of. First into the clinic is 50 year old Mark, who after 30 years of putting up with phimosis (a tightening of the foreskin around the penis) has finally decided to seek help. First up is Janice, who had breast cancer in 1996 and underwent a mastectomy, leaving her with only one breast. Confidence, or lack of it, was what drove 16-year old Nathan to visit the EB clinic with some severe pubescent acne. Dr Dawn suggest a course of photopneumatic therapy, where a lazer and a vacuum are used to loosen and extract dirt and excess oil from the skin. There was a little girl called Charlotte who came to me with bad verrucas. Dr Christian takes his dad with him on a visit to the clinic to find out how the body ages, as we get older. Ed is very happy with the results, and his confidence has 100% improved. Caro visits Dr Christian at the clinic. I am proud of spotting that. It was real, factual information wrapped up in a fun format, so it needed to feel entertaining not in terms of laughing at people, but just upbeat and positive. The show follows pairs of couples, friends, or family members signing up to get mystery tattoos designed by the other person. Christian attempts to help a man with a sore penis and also helps a woman with a bottom cyst.